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7 Skills You Will Need To Survive And Thrive In This Frighteningly Fast-Changing World

7 Skills You Will Need To Survive And Thrive In This Frighteningly Fast-Changing World

Author: Jack Kelly 


In the last couple of weeks, I have written about some very somber topics. A study conducted by Third Way concluded that many college graduates earn the same as high school graduates, but are left heavily burdened by tuition debt of over $100,000. Wells Fargo projected that robots will displace 200,000 bank employees within the next 10 years. I have also covered General Electric—once the greatest example of American capitalism—freezing pensions and being accused of fraud. HSBC, the large global bank, announced 10,000 layoffs, in addition to the 60,000 jobs that have already been eliminated on Wall Street. The unbridled adoption of artificial intelligence may result in millions of job losses and require massive retraining for those impacted and U.S. income inequality is at its highest level in 50 years.

Read the paper, watch the news, go online to Twitter or Facebook and you’ll be assaulted by vitriol, anger and pessimism. It's clear that many people are despondent over the current state of affairs in America. Although, on average, we live a lifestyle unimaginable to past generations, we feel that the good days are behind us. There is a palpable sense of doom and gloom. 

If you look back at America’s history, this feeling of hopelessness and fear of the future is common. We’ve been through some difficult times and have always found a way to dig ourselves out, improve and move forward. Amazingly, every time a seismic shift, catastrophic-seeming event or frightening change occurs and seems like it would be the end of us, we’re able to figure out solutions and keep advancing.

Currently, we are collectively dealing with the impact of rapid changes including globalization, technological advances and a different type of economy and job market. It feels to many that this is utter turmoil and chaos. It's easy to get discouraged and feel overwhelmed. While that's understandable, in this new, evolving economy and job market, you need to become mentally and emotionally strong. You must learn how to possess the ability to adapt, survive and thrive. There is no time for self pity. It's a time for action. Here is what you need to do to succeed in this newly changing world.



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