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Cómo los retailers disruptores impulsan el cambio en la industria

Cómo los retailers disruptores impulsan el cambio en la industria

Author: Nikki Baird / Paula Rosenblum  


In this study, conducted in November-December 2017, RSR in partnership with JDA
Software, set out to learn about “retail disruptors” – retailers that are defining the game of
retail transformation. What we found will surprise you. We dispel several commonly held
myths about who industry disruptors are and how they do it, and along the way also learned that disruptors share several characteristics: Disruptors “live” at the intersection of growth vs. scale; they focus on the best products, delivered in the fastest, most responsive way, through the best customer experience; and they deliver on their promises consistently and profitably.

The following are some of the highlights of our research:

• There are four major areas that disruptors focus their differentiation strategies on: unified
commerce, informed insight, customer acquisition, and the role of the store. We discuss
each of these in the section entitled Disruptive Behaviors.
• One myth about retail disruptors is that they must be digital pure plays. As even giant has come to recognize with their purchase of Whole Foods Market, this
simply is not true. Disruptors are positioning the transformed store as an essential
component of a unified commerce experience. Find out how in the section entitled The
Role Of The Store.
• Disruptors think about technology in a different way than non-disruptors. They make
judicious investments in technologies that keep them close to the customer and also
support speed and efficiency. But disruptors are also more interested in a fast learning
curve than they are in the “perfect” solution or a well-defined ROI from their technology
investments. Read about how disruptors use technology in the section entitled How
Disruptors Use Technology: What’s The Vision?
• Finally, we discuss What Happens As Retail Disruptors Mature.

The history of retailing has seen many retailers burst onto the scene in a blaze of glory, and
burn out in the business equivalent of seconds. On the flip side, the past decade has shown
us that staid retailers with long and storied histories can and will fail if they don’t adapt to
changing times. As RSR always does in its benchmark studies, we offer several
recommendations – this time to both non-disruptors and disruptors – to help them avoid
burning out too quickly or moving too slowly in these changing times. Learn more in the
section entitled Recommendations.

We hope you find value in this study,


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