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Could Delivery Robot Be Coming Soon To A Job Site - Or Home - Near You?

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Source: Cision PRNewswire

 Imagine the home improvement professional who is mid-project and breaks a drill bit. Or the DIYer who finds herself short a gallon of paint to complete a bedroom touchup. Instead of heading out the door to the neighborhood Lowe's, they grab a phone or laptop and order online – then go right back to work until a robot rolls up to their location with that critical item, the very same day.

Lowe's is helping FedEx understand Lowe's customers' needs in an effort to bring those visions to life with same-day delivery via the FedEx SameDay Bot.

FedEx is developing this technology to provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly delivery in localized areas. The FedEx SameDay Bot will rely on pedestrian-safe technology to navigate the path to its destination.

"We're focused on serving our customers where, when and how they want to be served, and smooth, reliable, timely delivery is critical," said Don Frieson, Lowe's executive vice president of supply chain. "The convenience and capability the FedEx SameDay Bot is being designed to offer has the potential to simplify and speed distribution through same-day delivery from your neighborhood Lowe's. We look forward to exploring possibilities to enhance the service we provide our customers through this innovation – and what this kind of support can mean for our associates."

The Bot is being developed to operate on sidewalks and along roadsides, remain stable and avoid obstacles, while negotiating curbs, unpaved surfaces and tight turns. Gyroscopic technology helps keep cargo level and still. And while that agility can simplify access to a busy construction site, same-day, on-site delivery's greatest value might be allowing contractors to continue working without costly interruptions and delays.

"Consider pros who could save time and money by never leaving the job site for the critical tools and supplies they need from Lowe's," Frieson said. "Rising labor wages cost businesses every time a worker leaves to pick up supplies. Then consider the lost productivity from work that remained untouched while they are gone, and we believe professionals will quickly realize the savings of job site delivery."

FedEx aims to begin testing the robot in select markets this summer.

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