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eBay aims for younger shoppers with new payment option

Author: Dan Berthiaume

Source: CSA The Business of Retail

eBay is responding to the payment preferences of mobile millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Customers on eBay will soon be able to pay for purchases with the Google Pay digital payment platform. Beginning in April, users of Android devices can complete eBay transactions using Google Pay via the app, mobile Web and on desktop from sellers participating in managed payments. Customers who have the Google Pay digital wallet will also be able to complete purchases on desktop, regardless of operating system or device.

eBay already accepts Apple Pay, and is adding Google Pay as part of a larger plan to simplify the customer experience and streamline seller costs by managing a majority of payments on its own platform by 2021. Digital payment services like Google Pay and Apple Pay enable eBay shoppers to check out without leaving the eBay platform.

Both digital payment options are currently only accessible when buying from sellers enrolled in eBay’s new payments experience, and will be increasingly available to shoppers as the program grows to process more volume in additional geographies.

In a corporate blog post, Alyssa Cutright, eBay VP of global payments, billing and risk, provided additional insight into why eBay is focusing what it calls on “mobile, flexible and frictionless” forms of payment for the future.

“We believe the future of shopping includes a world of buyers who prefer mobile payments and the convenience of digital wallets, unconstrained by platforms and systems,” Cutright said in the blog post. “We’re thinking of millennials who are leading the way with higher adoption rates of mobile payments…The opportunity is even clearer when we look at the emergence of Generation Z, which studies suggest is looking forward to making more and more transactions on mobile.”

Cutright goes on to say eBay is currently working on integrating PayPal as a payment option. In addition to better serving the needs of younger consumers, she states digital payments also opens eBay to the “multitrillion-dollar” global commerce market, which includes many consumers without access to traditional payment cards.

“Our managed payments experience gives eBay the opportunity to create a fully modern marketplace, meeting the demand for new ways to pay and allowing sellers to reach previously inaccessible buyers,” concludes Cutright. “Simply put, more things are possible at eBay because we’re managing payments.”

“Google Pay provides users with a fast, simple and secure way to pay online,” said Alyssa Cutright, VP of Global Payments, Billing and Risk at eBay. “Offering Google Pay as a form of payment is another significant step toward providing our customers with more choice in their payment options, and creating an experience that is tailored to personal preferences.”


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