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Shopper Experience: el futuro de AI y ML en la experiencia del cliente

Author: Steve Dertien


AI and ML is the driving force in the evolution of digital customer experience and content management. These technologies are helping the marketers to make a more informed and personalized content for the audience to increase their engagement.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have started shaping the future of almost every industry, starting from healthcare to astronomy. The transformation has been possible mainly due to various company websites and digital tools as AI and ML have been evolving around them to increase the customer experience.

Websites and other digitalized apps powered by AI and MI are helping the companies in achieving higher value from the content while improving the overall user experience. The technologies are also enhancing the content management system (CMS) platforms as they are automating the data analysis and decision-making system.

Analyzing Data and Automating Decision-Making

In content management, AI helps to recognize trends and patterns when a visitor interacts with a website or any other digital tool. By understanding the reactions of visitors through AI, digital marketers can slowly improve the distribution and management of the new contents. The delivery of the content is done with the help of CMS that can distribute contents across many channels.

There is one area where AI has also shown significant impact on CMS, which is in testing and analytics. AI implements the intelligence in content so that they can gain a better knowledge of how people engage with specific experiences. The digital marketers can determine the type of content resonates with their audiences with these technologies as it can analyze data at scale with fantastic precision.

ML helps the marketers to understand the type of performance conducted by their content on a more granular level.

Personalizing Content Delivery

Nowadays, consumers demand more personalized experiences for which AI is implemented in CMS platforms along with predictive facilities. These technologies can analyze trends, critical engagements, and audience data points along with location, device form factor.

Using all these knowledge AI will help the digital marketers to deliver their customers with more meaningful experience. AI helps the targeted content to reach the right person at the right time and through proper channel.

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