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How Pod Foods Aims to Redefine Grocery Distribution

How Pod Foods Aims to Redefine Grocery Distribution

Author: Gina Acosta

Source: Progressive Grocer 

Next-gen food distribution platform Pod Foods is expanding to Los Angeles and New York City as the company looks to shake up grocery fulfillment and logistics.

The company announced it is now offering the opportunity for CPG food and beverage brands from anywhere in the country to distribute their products onto the store shelves of grocery store retailers in four key geographic locations across the United States.

"We fill a gap in the market so smaller brands with a lot of potential can access retail and distribution without a lot of up-front capital investment," said Larissa Russell, co-founder and CEO of Pod Foods.

With their increased reach, Pod Foods says it is able to bring boutique brands to a spectrum of retailers that would have otherwise missed out on these quality niche products due to current distribution systems.

Pod Foods works with a third-party network that handles both fulfillment and logistics to create a tool that it says is beneficial to emerging brands, big retailers and consumers.

Earlier this summer, Pod Foods announced $3 million in venture funding from Moment Ventures and M12 Ventures.

As part of its expansion into New York, Pod Foods has integrated the distribution network of Spense, a wholesale marketplace with a large presence in the country's largest city.


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