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Most retailers not too sure who’s browsing around

Most retailers not too sure who’s browsing around

Author: Maria Alejandra Lopez 

Source:  Retail Customer Experience

More than half, 64%, of retailers can’t identify the majority of website visitors and 57% aren’t collecting offline customer relationship management data, according to research conducted by OneMarket, a customer data management provider, and WBR Insights.

The research report assessed retailer use of identification (ID) management technologies by retailers in digital marketing in an effort identify best customers, according to a press release.

«Customer ID management is a crucial activity for retailers in order to deliver personalized, relevant experiences to their customers and visitors, and this research illuminates weak points that are limiting that process,» said Dave Goulden, chief product officer at OneMarket. «While many retailers are working hard to bring online and offline insights together and improve ID management to gain a single, holistic view of their customers, this research makes it clear that there are still major areas of opportunity.»

Additional findings included:

  • 38% of retailers struggle to build a better understanding of customers because technologies do not efficiently facilitate data integration and enrichment.
  • Among retailers onboarding offline CRM data, most will use the data for customer insights and predictive modeling (51%) and for website personalization (51%).

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