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Online Still Hasn't Conquered Physical Grocery Stores [Infographic]

Online Still Hasn't Conquered Physical Grocery Stores [Infographic]

Author: Niall Mc Carthy 


Americans have gotten used to ordering huge quantities of products online and that has had a considerable impact on traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers, spelling doom for countless businesses from the local bookshop to malls that are struggling to compete with the e-commerce juggernaut. One physical shopping sector has proven relatively immune to the "retail apocalypse" so far, however, and that's the grocery trade.

Even though countless supermarkets and several e-commerce giants such as Amazon have rolled out online grocery delivery services, Americans still prefer traditional ways of purchasing their food. That was the result of a recent Gallup survey which found that 46% of the U.S. public shop for groceries in person at least once a week while 37% do so more than once a week. When it comes to online grocery pickup or delivery options offered by supermarkets and tech giants alike, the public has little appetite.

Gallup found that 88% of Americans have never ordered their groceries online while 7% do it less than once a month. The share who actually use this method of shopping stands at 2% ordering more than once a week, 3% who order at least once a week and 7% who order once a month. Back in July 2017, AmazonFresh announced that it was selling meal kits, which contain an array of fresh food items. So far, 88% of Americans say they have never gotten a meal preparation kit delivered to their home.

*Click below to enlarge (charted by Statista)


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