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Retail Therapy: 7 Halloween costumes we didn't know we needed

Retail Therapy: 7 Halloween costumes we didn't know we needed

Author: Caroline Jansen 

Source: Retail Dive 

t's been another weird week in retail. Target sold out of the most wholesome costume of the season, Yandy released more products that are unnecessarily sexy and pet owners got into the Halloween spirit.

Here are seven of the most unique Halloween costumes this season.

This costume is 'Golden'

Target's Golden Girls Blanche costume. |
Credit: Target

For people looking to upgrade from the typical ghost and witch costumes, they can look to a different classic this year. Target earlier this month released a set of costumes so consumers can dress up as their favorite 'Golden Girl' character. Just gather a group of your best friends and dress up as Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy.

The costumes retail for $70, but unfortunately they have all sold out, Fox News reported.

It's too bad though. This is the kind of wholesome content we need more of.



The 'sexy' costumes nobody asked for

Halloween is a time for people to assume the identity of somebody else for a night, whether that be a historic figure, a famous athlete, or even a celebrity inmate. this year created a costume inspired by the college admissions scandal actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have found themselves in the middle of. 

Credit: Yandy

On the front, the costume has "Mom of the Year" crossed out with the word "Inmate" printed largely underneath. While those accused spent thousands of dollars to bribe their way to the admissions office, consumers need only spend $69.95. A steal!

Credit: Yandy

But maybe something a bit more political is your style. The site also offers a "Tariffs" costume to fulfill all of your levy-filled dreams. Whether you're going for a tranche 3 or tranche 4 vibe, who cares! You're sure to give absolutely everybody around you a headache.

Thankfully, retailers delivered to ensure every party pooch can get into the spirit. Amazon is selling a cowboy dog costume for just under $20. And no, the dog isn't the one wearing chaps and a bolo tie. Rather, the cowboy rides on top of your pet. Apparently you can buy happiness.

But wait, the cuteness doesn't end there. Party City is selling a UPS Driver costume for $14.99. The costume, which includes attached arms and delivery box, will make sure Fido is the cutest delivery driver there is.​

Credit: Party City

The scariest costumes there are

It seems like every day life is sometimes scarier than most horror movies out there. Beer maker Natural Light thought so, too. In its latest campaign, the beer maker asked fans to dress up as "real-life nightmares" in a costume contest.

Costumes include crushing student debt, bad credit scores, never-ending laundry or moving in with their parents, sister publication Mobile Marketer reported.

Credit: Natural Light

To enter, fans must take to Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtags #NattyScaries and #Contest. One lucky winner will receive $10,000, and 10 runners up will earn $1,000.

It's a scary world out there, but beer helps.

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