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Retail Therapy: Hefty's new product is hot garbage

Retail Therapy: Hefty's new product is hot garbage

Author: Caroline Jansen 

Source: Retail Dive 

The brand unveiled limited-edition trash bags with phrases like "Feeling like garbage today" so consumers can channel their trashiest selves.

t's been another weird week in retail. Hefty's new product channels the trashiest personalities, Asos and Off-White go head-to-head for the most useless product, and Kit Kat's get a pricey makeover.

This, and more, in this week's retail therapy.

Talking trash

Reynolds-owned trash bag brand Hefty announced this week it's selling a limited-edition product seemingly geared at millennials. The trash bags feature phrases like "Feed me tacos & tell me I'm pretty," "Feeling like garbage today" and "Burnt dinners & takeout containers," which are perfect for any 20-something-year-old still trying to figure out life (and how to take out the trash).

Credit: Hefty

"The Hefty brand enjoys bringing both strength and humor to our consumers, so we wanted to create a product that showed off our personality and gave consumers something to smile about while taking out the trash," Jen Varela, senior brand manager at Reynolds Consumer Products, said in a statement.

The 20-count, 13-gallon limited-edition bags retail for $5.49, which the company says is the same price as a regular box, and can be purchased at (Subtle.)


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