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The physical retail experience is king with jewelry buyers

The physical retail experience is king with jewelry buyers

Author: Maria Alejandra Lopez 

Source: Retail Customer Experience 

When it comes to buying a bauble, a good majority of consumers trek to a brick-and-mortar jewelry store, according to a Citi Retail Services study.

The report, which surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults, reveals over two-thirds or 68% of consumers who have bought jewelry have done so in a brick-and-mortar retailer.Just 12% have bought jewelry online, according to a release on the findings.

The data also reveals 40% of consumers have bought jewelry items that cost at least $1,000 with the most expensive piece of jewelry averaging $2,269 — more than double the $1,099 average for online.

«As jewelry is such a personal item, buying in-store largely provides consumers with the confidence that comes after physically viewing and handling a product,» said Leslie McNamara, chief marketing officer and head of workforce development at Citi Retail Services, in the release. «Also, consumers indicated the value they derive from interacting with employees while shopping, which is an ideal opportunity for retailers to discuss financing options, which over a quarter of consumers are likely to use.»

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