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What makes a truly connected customer experience

Author: Jodi Warner

Source: smartercx

The hard part about customer experience is that once a customer is exposed to something once, they expect it every time, from every company. This is why the “Uberization” of everything is so critical. If I can order a car in one minute, why can’t I order blinds that way? Or a fish tank? Or software?

Your customers have set the bar very high for seamless, personalized, and instant experiences, because that’s what they have seen all around them. And they don’t care if that’s not the way it’s typically been done in your industry. If they see it once, they want it every time.

I’m Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and New York Times best-selling author.

I find that increasingly, the difference between adequate and awesome experiences is simply a matter of connection. We have so much information about customers, but it’s so often floating around in different departments. It’s isolated and alone, like a losing contestant on The Bachelor.

Great experiences are born from internal connectivity that brings data together so it can become something even more important. Insights.

Did you know that Oracle CX is the only platform that can connect everything? That’s right, the whole enchilada, stitched together in one place, allowing you to optimize customer experience like never before.

Imagine sales, service, marketing, commerce, field service, finance, supply chain, and workforce, all singing out of the same CX hymnal like a super smart choir. But with matching business cards.

It sounds like a fantasy, but Oracle CX can help you get there. Named a leader by Gartner in their 2019 Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management report, Oracle CX is built to deliver integrated cloud-based systems that delight customers in the real world.

They’re already doing it for a ton of interesting brands.

Spend a few minutes over at and you’ll find a pirate’s chest full of useful info, including comparisons between Oracle and other solutions, and case studies from Mack Truck, Juniper Networks, Freddie Mae, and more.

Plus, you can take the CX Strategy Assessment quiz to see how your customer experience plans stack up today or complete a benefits tool to calculate the benefits of using a modern CX approach.



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