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What’s YOUR training plan this year?

Author: Sue Nicholls

Source: CMKG

If you’ve made cuts to next year’s training budget or plan to, there’s still time to avoid:

  • Productivity losses,

  • Missed opportunities, and

  • Strategic misfires …

All for a fraction of the cost of Data, Technology, and Shopper Insights. Here’s how …

You may be creating your training plan this year for category management right now.  

And hopefully you’re planning to allocate some $ toward training to realize the value of massive investments typically made in data and technology and Shopper insights. Although considering cutting training might be an easy decision at first glance.  

For many companies, when budgets are tight, the first thing they cut is training, but this short-sighted decision will dramatically impede your long-term ability to meet goals and see return from your investments.

Category management training is a smart step forward toward corporate objectives including:

  • Increase ROI on your data and technology purchases.
  • Increase alignment and operational efficiencies.
  • Increase employee value and reduce attrition rates.
  • Increase Shopper understanding for Shopper-focused solutions.
  • Increase collaborative efforts with trading partners.
Learn more about allocating $ toward training (video).

How many $ do I need to allocate to training?

Well that all depends on YOU.

As a guideline, we suggest organizations re-allocate 5% of your total data/technology toward training your team to focus their work on strategic goals of the organization.

A small diversion of resources away from data and technology will ultimately help your organization get significantly more value from the large investments you make now and in the future by creating and sustaining a capable, strategically focused team.

Realize that the better you think through what you’re trying to accomplish both short- and long-term through training, the better choices you’ll make for your training.

Not sure if training can help you?

Start with a CatMan Team Assessment to identify strengths and areas of opportunity for your team (or yourself) to do better and realize the ROI from investments. 

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