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Will sustainability change the retail landscape?

Will sustainability change the retail landscape?

Author: Cara Salpini 

Source: Retail Dive 

From climate change to denim manufacturing, we take a look into just a few of the challenges retailers face — and how they're responding.

There's a long road ahead of the retail industry when it comes to sustainability. Each step in the retail chain — sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and transportation — has a potential impact on the environment. And the industry was not historically the best actor.

That has started to change, with many brands and retailers making concentrated efforts to implement sustainable practices or, in the case of startups, to build their businesses with the environment in mind.

From retailers like Patagonia, which depends on a loyal base of customers looking to buy from sustainable brands, to big-box players like Walmart and Target, which are starting to recognize the benefits of a sustainable business model, the environment has become a hot topic in the retail industry — and one that consumers are more concerned about too.

That's why this Earth Day we took a deep dive into a few of the topics retailers are concerned about. So whether you're interested in climate change or furniture rentals, sit back and enjoy a good read (or two) about retailers and how they impact the planet.

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