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Certificación de Asesor estrategico

$ 8,900.00

Certified Professional Strategic Advisors (CPSA) are advanced in Customer Relationship Management and adept at joint business planning and value creation. CPSA’s are experts in collaborative partnerships and consultative selling. As experts in understanding retailer shopper segmentation and shopper behavior, beyond their given category, they are specialists in leveraging data for advanced shelving and assortment solutions and can provide advanced pricing and promotion analysis.

  • Retailer Economics and Supply Chain (advanced) – CPSA Required
  • Customer Relationship Management (advanced) – CPSA Recommended
  • Joint Business Planning & Value Creation – CPSA Required
  • Collaborative Partnerships– CPSA Required
  • Consultative Selling – CPSA Required
  • Understanding Shopper Behavior, Beyond the Category – CPSA Required
  • Retailer Shopper Segmentation– CPSA Required
  • Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions – CPSA Required
  • Leveraging Data for Advanced Assortment Solutions – CPSA Required
  • Advanced Pricing Analysis – CPSA Recommended
  • Advanced Promotion Analysis – CPSA Recommended

CPSA Test Price: $350.00

Test Re-Take Fee: $50.00


Benefits of certifications from The Retail Academy on Vimeo.


Proceso de Certificacion from The Retail Academy on Vimeo.



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