Strategic Collaboration for Shopper Satisfaction

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Category Management is alive and well, thriving and evolving!
 Savvy practitioners today are driving profitable category growth and Shopper loyalty by strategically partnering and collaborating in this new and evolving “omni-channel” world that is changing every day.
 Retailer and Vendor collaboration focused on the Shopper is the key to unlocking this growth leveraging each other’s vast resources and insights.
 Big data is not enough. We need to work together in a very focused and collaborative manner in order to effectively analyze the data, and ultimately turn it into actionable insights that drive results.
 Evolution away from old one size fits all templates/data dumps to a focus on concise hard hitting insights that are highly relevant and focused on highest value mutual Shopper cohorts.
 Less focus on the “What” happened and rear view mirror, more on the “So What” and “Now What”? Shopper centric solutions.
 Insights with no alignment or collaboration = no execution.